‘SiteGrinder Mastery’ is our flagship SiteGrinder training which contains all of our premium SiteGrinder video courses and pre-hinted website templates. Below is a listing of each resource. Click the links for a more in-depth exploration into each creation:

Website from Scratch’ – Watch Justin build a complete site from the ground up!

Mastering Galleries’ – 13 creative ways to layout your galleries/slideshows!

PayPal Integration’ – Accept payments on your site with PayPal – SiteGrinder/PayPal Integration!

Photoshop Tips & Tricks’ – Speed up the design process with these PS tricks used by the pros!

15 Pre-Hinted SiteGrinder Templates’ – Ready-made, pre-hinted website templates!

In a nutshell, ‘SiteGrinder Mastery’ has been created to cater to both the frustraded SiteGrinder user, as well as the more experienced professional. Can’t get SiteGrinder to build your site EXACTLY like your design? Looking for some high-level tips and tricks to improve your SiteGrinder workflow? Wish you could find a few professionally-designed, pre-hinted website layouts to use for clients? We got you covered! All up, we now have over 17 hours of premium video tutorials and 15 completely original, pre-hinted templates.

Videos: All videos can either be viewed from within the member‘s area or downloaded directly to your computer for direct access to be viewed without an internet connection. Video files are in .mp4 format and can be viewed from an external device like a kindle/ipad/ipod.

Templates: All pre-hinted templates are in .zip files ready to download to your computer. Each template comes with a 30-minute video that shows how to customize the template with your own images, text, video, etc. Also included is a 5-minute video that walks you through how to upload the template files to your site.

At one point Justin and I had sold each video course and template separately. Most courses were in the $75/each range and templates in the $50/each range. But… we decided we wanted to make your quest for total SiteGrinder domination (yeah, a few too many comics as a kid) as smooth as possible, so for the next 3 days we’re offering ALL of our training and templates at the discounted price of $197. That’s just a single payment of $197. And if that’s just too much to part with at once, we’ve also added a 3-Pay option which allows you to access the full contents of the membership at just $67/month for 3 months. There are no limitations to the membership if you choose this option. ALL training and templates will be made available as if you paid the full $197 up front.

As an added bonus, we’re constantly adding material (training, templates, etc.) to the member’s area, which will be made available to you free of charge. Purchase a membership once and get all future updates and additions completely free.

Not quite ready to take the plunge? Continue below for a ‘sneak peek’ inside ‘SiteGrinder Mastery,’ and see why the SiteGrinder community has deemed this resource “The Holy Grail” of SiteGrinder training!

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‘Website from Scratch’ – Length: 4 hrs + 47 min

35 In-Depth Videos that Walk You
Through A Complete Site Build!
(4 hrs + 47 min) – See full course outline

**Project Files: The Pre-Hinted ‘Threads’
to Follow Along with Justin

All Training Made Ready to View Online
or Download to Your Computer

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‘Mastering Galleries’ – Length: 3 hrs + 45 min

13 Videos That Show Several Unique and
Creative Ways to Display Your Galleries
(3 hrs + 45 min) - See full course outline

**Project Files: The Pre-Hinted RedToGreen’ Template to Follow Along w Justin

All Training Made Ready to View Online
or Download to Your Computer

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‘PayPal Integration’ – Length: 1 hrs+ 48 min

4 In-Depth Videos that Show Several
Ways to Set Up Your PayPal Buttons
(1 hr + 48 min) - See full course outline

**Project Files: The Pre-Hinted Threads Commerce’ Template to Follow w Justin

All Training Made Ready to View Online
or Download to Your Computer

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‘Photoshop Tips & Tricks’ – Length: 7 hrs + 13 min

73 Jam-Packed Videos Showing Dozens
of Insider Tips in Design!
(7 hrs + 13 min) – See full course outline

All Training Made Ready to View Online
or Download to Your Computer

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SiteGrinder.org is proud to present 15 pre-hinted SiteGrinder 3 Templates! Fully functional and ready to be plugged into the SiteGrinder engine. All designs are 100% unique, pieced together by Justin himself. Each template comes complete with the following: the fully hinted .psd file cocked, loaded, and ready for SiteGrinder, a 30+ minute video that shows how to make edits to the template (adding your own images, text, external elements, etc.), the Design Manager Build Folder to keep all animations (galleries, button rollovers, etc.) intact, and all custom fonts used in the template.

15 Pre-Hinted SiteGrinder Website Templates

The Pre-Hinted ‘Threads’ Template

2 flash pictureboxes, 1 thumbsheet, 1 css animated picturebox, this theme is loaded.

The Pre-Hinted ‘Threads Commerce’ Template

2 flash pictureboxes, 1 thumbsheet, 1 css animated picturebox. E-Commerce ready!

The Pre-Hinted ‘Freelancer’ Template

Great for the entrepreneur, self employed or self promoted individual. Css animated picturebox!

The Pre-Hinted ‘Propaganda’ Template

Promote your business with this clean theme. Cool chiseled effect to groove your way into the web!

The Pre-Hinted ‘Interpret 2’ Template

Picturebox overlayed with clickable thumbs. Great layout. Perfect theme for anything.

The Pre-Hinted ‘Fairstate’ Template

Designers, entrepreneurs, and the like – show off your work with this killer theme.

The Pre-Hinted ‘Business Modern’ Template

Clean, Simple, stunning. Great site to promote your product or small business.

The Pre-Hinted ‘Nightlife’ Template

Perfect for restaurants, clubs, small businesses or anything. Use your own background image!

The Pre-Hinted ‘Simplify’ Template

Clean and simple. Use this theme to promote your business or product. Multiple page layouts.

The Pre-Hinted ‘Texture’ Template

Add a little edge to your website with this perfect theme. Animated homepage gallery.

The Pre-Hinted ‘Interpret’ Template

Welcome to the hovershow effect on the homepage. Great way to talk about your business or products.

The Pre-Hinted ‘Interesting’ Template

Add a little depth to your website with this cool theme. Hovershow effect on the homepage!

The Pre-Hinted ‘Red to Green’ Template

One for the photographers! This template is loaded to the hilt with multiple gallery types!

The Pre-Hinted ‘Snapshot’ Template

Stylish portfolio-style layout with 3 beautiful gallery styles! Post pics of your goofy face online!

The Pre-Hinted ‘Aperature’ Template

3 more awesome portfolio layouts! Who said we were against the photographer! Justin + photos = love!

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